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Play Review – Two Adorable Losers – Acting

By Aryeman

I almost expected a Game of Thrones battle between the two lead actors but truly they were in total sync with each other. The balancing act of the characters persona is pitch-perfect and both of them have done an exemplary job. 

Abhishek Pattnaik as the balding statistics Professor Jolly has done an outstanding job. His fine nuances and overwhelming mannerisms with the added Oriya touch will enamour you. He did mention that Oriya is his mother tongue and his inspiration to write the play has been his father. The perfection with which he has played a 50-plus character (thanks to the make-up) is applause worthy. A Salute to you Abhishek, this has been a soul-touching performance.


Darsheel Safary has evolved and blossomed with a high-octane and mesmerizing performance. His beautifully etched out character offers him the perfect showcasing in the various moods (of the ancillary characters) and shades to his acting capabilities. Having being an award winning actor with his Bollywood film Taare Zameen Par, Darsheel has surely broken the shackles of his earlier success and proved his mettle. Great job, looking forward to your next theatrical show.

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