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By Aryeman

Writer-director Atul Satya Koushik story-telling is crisp and water-tight. There are no loopholes to his narration. He excels with some excellent, out-of-the-box scenarios to handle the sensitive subject of rape. I almost expected a rehashed version of the Bollywood film ‘Pink’ but hats off to his unusual scene interpretations, Pajama Party emerges as a winner.

Atul Photo 3.jpg

As a writer, kudos to Atul Sir for ensuring that every character had their golden moments. Every actor has been showcased with such brilliance that it surely must have been a treat to portray their characters. Extracting such heart-rending performance with such ease and perfection is a collaborative team effort of the director and the actor together.

The dialogues are eye-openers and hard-hitting. Loved every moment relishing and absorbing the performances by the actors. Sheer Brilliance!

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