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By Aryeman

Kavita Koushik


After a long sabbatical, Kavita’s foray into theatre (it’s her debut on stage) surely breaks the shackles of her ‘perfect comedy timing’ actor. Believe me, she emerges a winner with a plethora of award-winning sequences. Be it her comic self or the rages of hysteria or even the ‘tandav’ dance, Kavita stuns you with her brilliance. Welcome back Kavita, the goose bumps you gave the audiences is the biggest pat on your back.

Kamya Panjabi


The most sorted, sane and pragmatic character in the entire play, Kamya walks the role with perfect ease. Her strong woman-of-substance persona (in real life too) with the subtle, sexy sauciness she lends to her role is endearing. Way to go Kamya!

Shakti Singh


This ‘chotta packet’ made a big ‘dhamaka’ with her breakdown scenes. She’s a scene-stealer, her natural fumbling with fear pricks your heart strings and Shakti surely has the power to rock the theatre world with her magnanimous bottled-up with emotions zeal. Big hugs!

Deepali Garg


Her character had her moments and she did do justice with them.

Arjun Singh


I almost thought that his character would have been lost into oblivion with a female oriented subject but he surely emerges a winner. His cuteness will surely wow the audiences as he walks off with the ‘taalis’ in the final scenes.

Kalyan Choudhary

One scene and bang on, Kalyan nailed it with the perfection of the seasoned actor that he is. You surely love people hating you for the characters you portray.

Sunil Paliwal


His raw animal magnetism and perfect-pitch dialogue delivery stuns you with the made-to-order character he portrays. An astounding performance by Sunil will draw applauses even if it has grey shades to it.

Music by Anik Sharma is enthralling and sets the mood and raises the tempo for the play.


Co-producers Ishaan Yadav and Aditi Chouhan have emerged as winners for promoting such amazing concepts and refuelling the Mumbai Theatre fire.

Film and Theatre Society (FTS) – continue to outshine the deliverables with such amazing performance oriented, engrossing plays.

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