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Ministry of Crab (Mumbai) – The Inside truth behind the Hype and Pricing Hullabaloo

By Aryeman

MY TAKE ON Ministry of Crab (Mumbai) Versus Ministry of Crab (Colombo)

  • There’s a vast difference on the ambience. The Colombo outlet has long tables offering seating in a row, the only demarcation being the long flower vases. It’s a non-air-conditioned venue, despite which it has garnered noticeability (for prime feasting on their crab content) throughout the globe. MoC Mumbai is swanky, well-lit, eclectic and supreme. Three levels of seating (including a private party dining section with an in-house bar). The flower vases décor is almost similar.

IMG_20190513_195049 (1).jpg


News trickled about the always full-house and waiting period for pre-booking your table to the elusive MoC Mumbai outlet. Surely, the assumed and hypothetical hype is a misnomer. The restaurant had a packed house (lower level) on the evening we visited. They adhere to the time slots they allocate to the diners to avoid delays and waiting endlessly. The positive silver lining streak is the well-planned perfection mode taken by the group.



MoC Mumbai caters to the premium, luxury living client base. If you have holes in your wallet, you wouldn’t normally venture into any 5-star property for sure. Attracting epicureans who truly appreciate the art of fine dining is an invincible exponent for a successful business model and MoC Mumbai has hit the bull’s eye.



For most diners who have flavoured authentic Sri Lankan cuisine or the MoC Colombo will vouch that the spice flavours are notches above (teary eyes, smoke from your I heard). My personal take on the spice levels is that yes, they were subdued but isn’t subtle spices what is expected from Fine Diners? They love their meals with soft tinges of spice, richness in the art of cooking and in this case wholesome crab meat to lazily relish on. An overdose of spices and masala is not relished.

Before I move on to the food review (another blog post) , if you want to complain about a big hole in your pocket, the constant comparison to low scale crab meat serving outlets in Mumbai then MoC Mumbai is surely not your cup of tea.

ARYEMANSAYSSO – Surely, Moc Mumbai has raised the bandwidths of perfection when it comes to offering an oceanic odyssey of lip-smacking sea food thrills which are worth the experience.

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