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Rehaan Roy – Flaunt your 6-pack abs if you have them.

By Aryeman

While fitness has always been important for him, actor Rehaan Roy says that six-pack abs have never been on his to-do list. The actor says that he has them as a result of his fitness routine, but they are not the reason for his rigorous workouts.

Rehaan roy in towel.jpg

“For me, six-pack abs have never been mandatory. I always wanted to stay fit and live a healthy life. Six pack abs are just a result of my healthy lifestyle,” he says.

In fact, the actor says that six-pack abs are not really necessary. “No one needs to have six-pack abs as a compulsion. But yes, when you have it, why not flaunt it?

Fans’ reaction on seeing my body shots has always been positive. Guys say, ‘Please give me some tips’ and girls say, ‘You look hot,’ and I appreciate both,” he says. Well Rehaan you surely look hot topless!

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