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Hindi Play review – Welcome Zindagi Rating – 4 Stars

By Aryeman


Welcome Zindagi, the Hindi play is nowhere connected to the other language plays which have the same name. A meaningful play with a strong message, the audiences surely come out with a passionate zest to live their life to the fullest. Besides this, it has some power-packed performances by seasoned actors.



Veteran actor Sudhir Pande surely steals the show with his magnanimous performance. The ease with which he commands his character which is laced with various layers is commendable.

Raj Premi as Yamraj truly fits the bill. His persona is towering, his voice modulations just perfect. He takes the character to the next level. His potent message at the climax is the highlight and the audience loved him more for showcasing the trivia with perfect ease.


Abraam Pandey, the telly actor-model who has done some amazing television shows stands out in his role. Abraam’s split-second timing performance change surely speaks volumes of his acting capabilities.

Sheela Sharma sails through smoothly with her character. Her sarees (costumes for the character) were the buzz in the interval. A perfect comeback with a power-packed role.

Tushar Kapadia (also the director) lends equal support by underplaying his character rather than choosing to be the centre-focus. Loveable and spontaneous.


Writer SSanjay Jha has hit the bull’s eye but turning a done-to-death theme into a masterpiece. The various shades added to every character is a hilarious hit with the audiences. The climax message is a highlight. Great Job Ssanjay!


Tushar Gandhi knows the pulse of the audiences and has effectively ensured that the audience never lost interest. The background score and classic use of lighting for milestone scenes were perfectly managed. Every actor had equal footage and relevance to the story line. There were some lull moments and predictable sequences which were inadvertently touched different. That’s the Tushar Gandhi touch for sure!


Although the star cast has undergone a lot of changes, the new pairing has added the wow factor for the play. The star cast announcement did mention names of a star cast who is no longer in the show.

Quite commendable was the initial message for a 30 second mourning for the bomb blast in Sri Lanka was a good attempt. Somehow the message went for a toss since it wasn’t announced clearly.

Welcome Zindagi is surely a must-watch for all families since it has a stark reality slice-of-life image. Most of us are so engrossed with the competitive world spirit or the mundane problems we face, we fail to look at the positive side of LIFE!.

AryemanSaysSo Verdict – Go ahead and watch it, I guarantee you will come out with a smile and emerge as a new person. Battle Won for writer SSanjay Shah and ‘A Theatre People Production’

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