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Review – Mexican Food Festival at Hotel Marine Plaza – Rating 5 Stars!

By Aryeman

Food festivals have always been a temptation for me. Not just do they offer me a chance to explore and try out a great variety of options, but also learn of the food trends that have evolved since I last tried the cuisine.

Hotel Marine Plaza’s invitation to review their Mexican Food Festival was God-sent for me. More so for the fact that I am an ardent fan of the cuisine. Pastas and pizzas have never caught my fancy. Flavours for sure do, and the Mexican cuisine is tempting for its aromatic spices and close resemblances to our Indian style of cooking flavourful food. Besides this, Mexican food has a fair share of rice, use of chillies and different kinds of beans.


Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas and Tacos are not just the end-all the rich cultural Mexican cuisine heritage. We did get to savour other delights which have been curated by Chef Jacopo Conte. The beauty of his creations is that Chef came armed with his hand-picked spices and ingredients to prepare some of the finest dishes.

OUR VERDICT – DON’T MISS THIS FESTIVAL, it surely does tantalize your taste buds with new dishes which haven’t been explored.

Service as always is superfluous and attentive to the diners needs.


TAMALES DE RAJAS CON QUESO- (Roasted chilies and cheese tamale soup) – don’t expected a rich, creamy Indian version. Savour on the condiments that spike up the tangy flavours.


Do try the live counters where you can master the art of cooking your own tacos, burritos, ensaladas. The flavours are mesmerizing from the ones you are locally served. The salsa dip is the most fascinating creation you would have tasted so far.


A special mention to QUESADILLA VERDE (Veg tortilla filling), CHILES RELLENOS (Stuffed peppers), ARROZ DE POLLO Y PIMENTO (Spicy chicken rice) and FAJITAS CHIMICHURRI (Fajitas in chimichurri sauce).


The Mexican desserts may have some references to our Indian cuisine but are stand-outs for their uniqueness. Do try ARROZ CON LECHE (Rice pudding), CAJETAS (Caramel pudding) and SOPAPILLAS (Pillow shaped fried dough). The dessert range is enormous and each one is a delight.


The price points are worth the deal and spread which is being offered. There is a menu change every day so maybe you miss what I have spoken about.

Go ahead, book your table before the festival is over.

Restaurant: The Bayview, Hotel Marine Plaza

Date: 8th to 17 March 2019

Time: 7.30 pm onwards

For Reservations: 022 22851212

Address: 29 Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020

Price: 2199 AI per person

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