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Tanisha Bansal – The M A G N I F I Q U E interior designer!


By Aryeman

A happy home is one where you feel good. It’s a home that works. It’s a place where people can gather—it’s about real life. There’s nothing better than being at home with family and friends. Have an intelligent confabulation with this 21-year old interior designer and entrepreneur surely was an eye-opener of sorts. She’s sane, sorted and well-geared to take on challenges with her passionate zeal. Her restrained and elegant rooms are sophisticated templates for modern living.


It gives me great pride to introduce Tanisha Bansal as THE MAGNIFIQUE interior designer of 2018. She has not just impressed me with her prowess but surely is in the league of ace interior designers like Zarine Khan and Gauri Khan. When quizzed about the fine nuances of designing, Tanisha passed the various googlies I bowled at her with flying colours. Vouch my words, this young, sorted kid will surely go places.


5 Reasons why TANISHA BANSAL is a name to bank on?

I happened to have a peak into a penthouse designed by Tanisha. Here’s what fascinated me.

There’s a perfect balance in her designing. I love it when rooms come alive with a personality, and I like things to be real and honest and reflect the people who live there.


Tanisha as a designer definitely has a point of view, but she has kept in mind the client’s needs and what they like. Someone who understands the process of blending what you want and still making it a ‘glam’ home speaks volumes. Tanisha surely know that designing is the listening and the seeing and the feeling—it’s all about the senses.


I loved her style of incorporating timeless elements – be it in the souvenirs or artifacts that add sizzle to the room, the ‘duas’ in different shades which go with the family desires or even giving a positive family home touch to her project.


It’s always good to find a balance, letting some rooms “breathe,” so that it never feels too crowded. It also depends on your personality. Some people feel most comfortable in a minimalist space, while others are inspired by having many things around them. All of this has been so beautifully played up that you just want to say “WOW”.

Project completion is another deterrent which most interior designers fail at. In 100 days, the penthouse has been completed since Tanisha is focused and committed to brilliance…with the support of a great team and of course the unstinting guide and motivator in her life…her Dad.

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