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My 80-year old Dad is a Gadget Rockstar for me!

By Aryeman

*Pictures have been used for representation purposes only.

2018 has surely been a memorable year for my Dad. He’s done the invincible and unimaginable achievement which he had never expected. Being an Eighty-year old plus, he has mastered so many gadgets (listing the ones which made a huge change) in this year that he’s himself shocked he could do it. Yes, like they say ‘nothing is impossible if you have the will and the passion to make it happen’. He surely created a #SmartHomeRevolution for himself.


Like most senior citizens, Dad was always stubborn about absorbing the latest technologies into his everyday life. He was content with the slow pace of his life. But 2018 was a game changer and the gadgets surely made his life more fun. Even at his age, he used to ensure to visit the family business in South Bombay since his health permitted it. Even today, he’s hale and hearty but he decided he didn’t want to be part of the rat race any longer. Staying at home with nothing much to do, he was getting bored to death. And that’s when I used the ‘gadget’ lollipop for him and got him hooked.


The tablet was the first gadget I got my dad hooked onto. His morning routine of reading the newspaper till 10.30 am had space for boredom post that. Since he was a movie freak, I had to download English movies to keep him busy till lunch time. And we had Dad enjoying his action films with the comfortable seating on his bed. Today, his routine has been set and wow, do I love listening to his film reviews. This ‘tablet’ surely was a quick-fix cure especially the smart lights and vivid colours.


Years before we had bought him a basic mobile phone just so that he could stay connected to us since he used to travel every day to South Bombay. He was a bit picky about us spending huge amounts on our smart phones which kept inventing new options and tempting us nubile buyers. This year on his birthday, I bought him a smartphone which had the Touch base technology. Initially he was hesitant but with his daily practise, he was up and running in a week’s time. Today he video-calls my sister in Dubai, is part of a Whatsapp chat group with his friend..the list is endless.


Once while surfing on the net, his eyes fell on a fancy pair of headphones. I almost sensed the glitter in his eyes. Dad surely wouldn’t have agreed to pay a bomb, but I knew it was something I should buy him. A smart wearable device option for sure. And yes, he loves using it while listening to his bhajans, listening to music during his evening walks or sometimes even playing some video games on his phone.


At home, we tried to keep Dad busy and kept thinking of new ways. We were gifted an Air Fryer and Dad was thrilled with the health benefits that came with it. This was surely a Smart Home product for us. He browsed through YouTube videos on how to use the gadget especially the programming aspect. So thrice a week, we have Dad churning out some healthy dish options for us at night. It’s a secret that he has never cooked in his life but the love with which he marinates the dishes and air fries them perfectly for us is such a treat. We plan to start his Instagram page on the dishes he makes. So Dad is clicking some creative pics with the Smart Camera on his smart phone.


The newest entrant in my Dad’s life is the all-new Google assistant. He’s got himself a set of wireless speakers and loves flaunting the gadget to his friends. In fact, he has even started training the other senior citizen ladies in our colony on how to use Whatsapp and sending emails. Surely a #SmartHomeRevolution

So you realize that love is all about making your parents upgrade themselves towards the technological advancements in the gadget world. It’s their passion to do things differently and being successful with the gadgets gives you a sense of inspiration. They may have been stubborn to accept them initially but didn’t we as kids give our parents a tough time accepting changes in our life. Today online shopping is so comfortable, so go ahead and surprise your parent with a ‘gadget gift’…there are innumerable options at FlipKart for sure!! Welcome to the world of #GetFitWithFlipkart

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