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Review – LILT Modern Asian Bar Room – Rating 1


By Aryeman


As a diligent food reviewer, I have always showcased the positives of a new start-up knowing the huge investments involved. However, my recent visit to the launch of LILT (Todi Mills) on 13.12.2018 has been the worst experience for me.

IMG-20181212-WA0026 (1)

The first ‘step’ to the Bar Room is unfinished and covered / camouflaged with a red carpet. On my way out to meet some friends, I have fallen down and almost missed (rather saved myself from) banging into a 4WD in the narrow lane. It’s shocking that the Management have deliberately ignored the ‘unfinished step’ despite knowing that there is a launch. They have invested a chunk for the launch but ignored the ‘first step’. Not only have I bruised myself but also have been a ‘state of shock due to a potential accident’.

The basic what I sampled:

  • The menu was surely another disaster.  The prawn toastie drizzled with oil.
  • The other prawn starter was under-cooked and flavourless.
  • The LIIT I was served was deplorable that I had to return it to the bartender.  If the bartender can’t do a LIIT right, the management needs to rework on the staffing.
  • The ‘blue’ cocktail I was offered was more like a mocktail and obviously not on par with the competition.
  • I had requested the server twice to get some veg food for our friends which never came.
  • Service and quality shouldn’t falter no matter how busy the outlet is.

When Business Barons falter / ignore on such basic things of an ‘unfinished FIRST step’ and client safety seems to have taken a back-seat – LILT surely needs to tie their shoe-laces.

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