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Travel Diary – FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST – 6

TAGLINE – Soothe your senses to the Wellness Zone!


By Aryeman

Relaxation, peace of mind and bliss are the hallmarks we all look for to beat our stressful life. FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST offers you all that and more in heavy doses.

Amarine Wellness Spa has some amazing treatments which sooth you mind, body and soul. Their well-trained doctor offers you a thorough consultation and suggests remedies to cure your ailments if any. Detoxifying your body is not just about trying the remedies and diets for a couple of days but to enforce the right eating and exercise habits in the days to come also.


We tried a Thai foot massage and were we impressed. The masseur was surely well-trained and post the massage you felt relaxed and sleepy too. He cleverly blended the massage with the acupuncture techniques and the effects were soothing.


The spa has a decent gymnasium, some creative water-based therapies and loads of new equipment for specific disorder and ailments.


AryemanSaysSo verdict – While the spa offers you some amazing therapies, there are also some sand / mud bath therapies which will be introduced shortly. There is an amphitheater where the yoga sessions are conducted in the outdoors. In all, this wellness spa offers a dimension of activities which can keep you busy for the three to five day plan which you opt for. Go ahead and book your retreat to detoxification on their website.


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