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Travel Diary – FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST – 5

TAGLINE – The Game Changer to Wellness!

By Aryeman

Only a Visionary with an acute business sense can execute such a colossal project. Not only have a plethora of USPs been added to FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST but every miniscule detail has been adhered to with perfection.


Mr. Abdul Qadir Fazlani, Chairman of FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST is surely a gem of a person. We were lucky to share some fine moments with him where he shared some jewels of wisdom. A soft-spoken low profile person, Mr. Fazlani has endeavoured to offer some of the best wellness programs which are hot-sellers. The philanthropic streak in him and the companies he manages are surely no hidden facts. The sprawling property even has a school which trains 350 kids belonging to the staff children and more. The Fazlani group also has around 50 municipal schools which are being funded and sponsored for paucity of funds.

AryemanSaysSo verdict – Surely a treat to spend moments with Mr. Fazlani, your holistic aura is amazing and we are delighted to have been hosted by you. I, for a matter of fact, did pick up a lot of jewels from your talks. Hope to spend some more quality time in future.

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