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Travel Diary – FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST – 4

TAGLINE – Catch them or you lose!

By Aryeman

Have you played around with a flock of ducks or turkeys gobbling away in a loud, gurgling sound? Believe me, such moments are rarely experienced by most of us. And all this is at your disposal at close proximity. Bird therapy is all about spending time with the birds and the catch 22 situation is that you have to catch at least one of the birds.


It’s quite a grueling task since these birds make sure they literally make you run round the bush. You would love being a kid prancing and try to catch them but surely you won’t win. A fifteen minute run is enough to make you revive your childhood and breathe in the fresh air.

AryemanSaysSo verdict – Much that I want to caress the ducks, it was a herculean task. And yes, you had some turkeys prancing around with the élan of a Queen. Twenty minutes with the birds, and you surely learnt a lot more about patience and enjoying life being around the birds.

Surely, am waiting for some extra tasks they will be starting up with. I heard they have some milking-the-cow and fighting with the goat therapies also being lined up.

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