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Travel Diary – FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST – 2

TAGLINE – Nature’s Goodness served on a platter!

By Aryeman

The Hive is the dine-in restaurant which serves quality cuisine which is prepared from the locally grown farms at FAZLANI NATURE’S NEST. Being a foodie, I enjoyed the rich, crunchy vegetables which were served.


Before we started our meals, we were offered Saufina, a fennil seeds preparation which something out of this world. The tomato soup was rich and not-so-creamy but rich in flavours. The Bheendi ki sabzi gave us an intimate peek into the glory of having fresh vegetables. The chicken creation and the dessert surely enticed our taste buds too.

Since it was a detox and wellness center, I did request for something that went with the theme. A cup of warm hibiscus tea and a chilled moringa juice surely made my trip successful. This was the ultimate gift for me. I would surely miss on the flavours that oozed my palate, will surely come back again to have it.

AryemanSaysSo verdict – Chef Haroon surely has maintained the quality of fine dining with his cuisine. The staff were responsive and always ready to serve us with a smile.

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