By Aryeman

Online shopping never was a hassle for me or my family members. But this time, we would surely like to share our experiences with you so that you are careful while you shop from unknown websites. is a well-known brand which has a good following on Facebook too. The fake website is

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My family member made the mistake and shopped from a fake competitor who used a similar name. The dress which delivered was of lousy material, tacky and just shabby. Not at all worth the 1500 rupees we paid for it.

While we kept complaining on their FB page, they never reverted. We sent an email to the CEO on their website and they took ages. Product pics, receipt and courier pics were asked. As if they don’t have details when we had mentioned all this in our emails.

The final decision taken by them was that we had to courier back the dress to them, suffer a loss of another 250 rupees from them and the balance money would be credited to our account with them so that we could buy anything else. A total of 20 days lost in this interim due to their unprofessional and laid-back service. You think customers would buy anything from them ever.

Please take extra care before you shop from unknown online stores. Your money is at stake even if you opt for Cash on delivery. We have reported the case to Facebook also to ban their page so that customers are not cheated with sub-standard products.

Their FB page is:

Being an influencer, I will ensure that people around India are aware of this fake brand and don’t buy from them. Please share this post so maximum buyers are aware of this mistake of wrong spelling to trick buyers with a leading name.