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Play Review – Mirror Mirror – Rating 5 stars


By Aryeman

A one-act play is a difficult beast. It is challenging enough to construct a cohesive, complete narrative within the typical three act structure. But a water-tight script, compelling subject or edge-of-the seat drama can all fall flat if the solo actor is not a powerhouse of talent.

AGP World_Mirror Mirror_NCPA_Mumbai.jpg

Reviewing ‘Mirror Mirror’ at its premiere opening night at Tata NCPA was an absolute delight. A spell-bounding, shell-shocking and unbelievable performance by Bollywood actor Minissha Lamba for sure. I did confide in her that on a personal note, I never could believe that she is a powerhouse of talent who has been under-utilised by Bollywood films.

Shots from the play - Mirror Mirror by AGP World starring Minissha Lamba (2).jpg

It’s the sheer madness to the extent of a neurotic performance, perfect split-second timing change of emotions and multi-faceted layering of different characters which have been superfluously portrayed by Minissha that will wow you. MINISSHA LAMBA IS A PURE DELIGHT TO WATCH!


Writer Director Saif Hyder Hasan has conjured up an amazing script which is surely an actor’s delight to perform. The initial ten minutes do drag a bit but once the first ‘jhatka’ comes across you are all geared up and get into the flow of the narrative. The directorial touch of the projection screen is something which is totally nouveau and breaks the monotony of the flow. Surely a big pat on your back too – Saif has surely played it safe with some Hindi expletives which the audiences did enjoy.

A round of applause too for Ashvin Gidwani, Producer & MD, AGP World for backing this venture. Surely this play is gonna do a series of shows not just in India but overseas also.


AryemanSaysSo – do book your seats to watch the chota-packet-big-dhamaka Minissha Lamba wow you with her stealing performance.

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