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Say Goodbye to Grey hair, ‘True Roots’, a revolutionary botanical solution for delaying greying of hair


By Aryeman

Greying of hair is natural with age, but when hair starts greying early we often wonder why? Thankfully science has the answer and now Marico’s True Roots offers a solution to delay hair greying from the roots. Greying of hair is caused due to decreasing levels of melanin in the hair roots.

Melanin is a natural pigment, which gives hair its dark colour. Marico’s True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic, is a first-of-its kind innovation, that works by increasing the melanin levels in the hair roots and thereby delays hair greying. It is formulated with Apigenin, an extract of chamomile flowers and powerful botanical actives that increase the melanin levels in the hair roots.



True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic comes in an innovative spray format that makes everyday application convenient. It is aqua based, non-sticky and fits in perfectly with the lifestyle and comfort needs of  younger consumers. It has an alluring fragrance and is a non-sticky formulation which does not need to be washed off.


Radhika Apte, who launched the product also confessed that throughout her childhood she kept oiling her hair regularly only to realize that she has an hair oil allergy. Surely, knowing Radhika, she is just an apt choice for this brand since she ensures she’s lending her name to the right endorsements.

Exclusively Available on Flipkart

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