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  1. Cinthol is one of the most iconic brands for men in India and has witnessed the evolution of men understanding them better. Cinthol’s male grooming range is a comprehensive offering with innovative, multi-benefit and functionally superior products, specially made for today’s awesome men.

  1. Their dual benefit options for each product is innovative and path-breaking. Cinthol male grooming range consists of 8 new products that includes Cinthol Shave + Face Wash & Cinthol After Shave + After Trim (Face), Cinthol Head to Toe Wash (Body), Cinthol Hair Cream & Cinthol Hair Gel (Hair) and Cinthol Beard Oil, Cinthol Beard Wax & Cinthol Beard + Face Wash (Beard).

  1. The price point is truly value for money.

  1. Packaging and quality have always been the hallmarks for Godrej Cinthol

  1. It’s the perfect gift every Awesome Man would love to have in his grooming kit.