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Gitaanjali Taneja launches her kick-ass Tea blends brand TTSByGitaanjali


By Aryeman

Some moments spent with her at a Page3 party and she leaves an undeniable lasting impression on you. Such is the aura, magnetism and dollops of positive vibes which this dynamic entrepreneur Gitaanjali Taneja exudes. We have been trying to match our times to taste her tea blends (heard so much about them from my celeb friends) and finally one gets to savour them.


Ultimate Rating: a 5 stars all the way.

Personal notes: The passion for Tea and her choosiness for the quality and effective usage surely add immense value to today’s fitness freaks. Tea could be tantalizing for sure and Gitaanjali surely brews it right. Wish you super success always!

About Gitaanjali: 

Tea Time Stories by Gitaanjali is an exemplary example of rooted finesses in organic and healthy Tea based products run by the award-winning tea designer who also happens to host a tea cherishing clientele of A-listers, Gitaanjali Taneja.


TTS is a handcrafted brand of carefully sourced herbs, flowers and spices from all around the world. These teas are not only healthy but have healing properties to them and have been recognized as pure and natural way toward anti-ageing, gut cleansing and a glowing skin that has proven to aid weight loss by flushing out excess toxins from the body.


TTSByGitaanjali, an internationally acclaimed brand hosted a closed group tea tasting ceremony on the 27th of August at Butterfly High. The event saw personalities such as the likes of Farah Khan Ali to Image consultants and Celebrity dieticians. TTSByGitaanjali had a classic English designed trolley set up which had the exquisite tea range and tea infused bath and skincare products on display for guest to experience varieties of globally sourced organic and mineral rich healthy teas and a tea inspired skincare range.

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