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Preview – The Susegado Mumbai food festival at The Lalit


By Aryeman

The Susegado Mumbai food festival at The Lalit will be on from 21st to 30th July 2018. Make sure you experience the true unmatched and scintillating flavours.

My strong recommendations on what to eat:


The kokum sherbet is slurpy, tangy and sets the mood right.

Soapa de camarao – Potato and prawn soup with garlic chips. The perfect warm-up for a meal. You will surely get a whiff of the subtle garlic and the black pepper powder that soothes your palate.



Ravas Fried fish – make sure you blend your bites with the two chutneys which add a sensational tinge to the otherwise bland ravas fish.

Fofos de peixe – This Portuguese inspired dish is unique in its own way. Yes, the chutneys come in handy.

Main Course:

Mutton Vindaloo – a true masterpiece. Chef Tanmoy has conjured up the most exotic flavours which I personally haven’t experienced on all my trips to Goa. The mutton pieces are succulent but you will surely gulp down the gravy to keep reviving the tangy tingy hit it gives you at the end.

Chicken Xacuti – another super-hit. The spices and condiments are rich and flavourful. We were told that some of the spices n herbs are actually grown in the Hotels gardens.

Prawn Balchao – A variation to the dishes above. The taste was outstandingly good and the portion of prawns served was very lavish

Brown rice


Bebinca – This is the Queen of Goan desserts. I still remember the first time I sampled Bebinca more than ten years ago at a South Goa luxury hotel buffet. In terms of taste and texture at The Lalit Hotel, it was nothing like any dessert I’d ever eaten in India.

Dodol – you could easily mistake it for a fudge but it’s way beyond that. This popular Goan sweet is soft, sweet, texture like pudding. It just melts in your mouth leaving a burst of flavors on your mouth palette.

Alebelle – this is a Goan coconut and jaggery filled pancake. It’s a perfect not-so-sweet dessert that you can feast on endlessly.

While you have endless restaurants serving the Goan cuisine, The Lalit group has surely ensured that you get the true, authentic and rustic flavours..obviously with the best catch of the season.

So make sure you catch this festival before it gets over!


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