Review – Seafood Sensations Festival at 24/7 Restaurant, The Lalit Mumbai

Rating – 5 stars

Mumbai’s Humongous Sea food festival that shouldn’t be missed!


Put on your party pants, because it’s buffet time! Just kidding—on buffet day, definitely wear sweatpants. No judgment here. The SeaFood Sensations festival at the 24/7 Restaurant, The Lalit Mumbai is one of the most magnanimous, elaborate food affair you would have ever encountered before. While most competition offer selected dishes, the SeaFood Sensations pricing is worth a steal with the wide-range of offerings they have.

This buffet welcomes you with modern, elegant décor, and the cutest little individual plates that allow you to try a little bit (or a lot) of everything without feeling like you’re carrying around a plate the size of a trash can lid. The restaurant is divided into sections, including a salad area, fried station, seafood station, sushi bar and areas dedicated to the main course. Make sure you save room for dessert. The selection includes cake pops, pastries, cookies, and a gelato bar with unique flavors.

As a diner you can choose the fresh catch of the day, be it lobsters, crabs and the plethora of sea food options they have. You can have it grilled / fried with your choice of pastes and masala. The options are amazing and wish I acutally had my track pants on so I would feel lighter while feasting on the variety.

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