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Food Review – Yeda Republic, Juhu Rating – 4 stars


By Aryeman

The most pulsating, reverberating n rocking party place!!

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Yeda Republic seems to have caught the fancy of most youngsters and I can surely vouch for it. Its not just happening but also is the perfect joint to party with a big group.

What struck us initially was the crazy, mind-blowing ambiance and décor. Nothing to beat it so far, although you have ‘The Junkyard Café’ in Bandra but this one is a class apart. You will have a ball clicking group pics, there are separate party  zones for groups and much more. I truly loved their ‘Shamiana’ zone which has been perfectly curated and is ideal for private parties. I was told that this was to be a sheesha zone but with recent regulations in place, the shamiana is truly a place for a private party.

What we ordered:

Tex mex baida 250 – loved it

IMG_0058.JPGAunty Suzie’s scrambled egg – creamy, rich n chessy. It is served with sweet bread which gave a different twist to the flavors

IMG_0059.JPGTulsi walli galli ki macchii – worth every penny, surely served with love too.

IMG_0060.JPGMaggi ke pakode – Skip it

IMG_0061.JPGChhakori paneer tikka – this almost burnt has a rustic charcoal taste which merges with the softest of the soft paneer. Nice!

Juhu beach triple rice noodles – Didn’t try this.

IMG_0064.JPGPaneer makhni Dal khichdi – served in a colourful tiffin box. Quite a handful. The tangy buttery paneer flavours compliment the khichdi.

Pizzas – the chicken one has a different flavour. The cheese is rich unlike the other places u have it.


Cocktails and Mocktails:

IMG_0056IMG_0069Good Ol’ Margherita

Jaljira Mojito – A rum based drink, make sure you ask for a lesser pinch of the jaljira else your throat could hurt

Meetha Nimboo – worthwhile

Gaas Poos – Gin based, truly amazing


IMG_0080.JPGOverall an excellent experience since you are enamoured by the spacious and sprawling place which doesn’t get cluttered and crowded. The DJ plays some amazing music. Will surely hit this place again over the weekend …didn’t have my dancing shoes on that day..Do visit even if YOU ARE NOT A YEDAAAAAA…



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