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Jio Studios does it again as it has put together this massive campaign ‘Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan’ 2.O.


The current IPL is another large scale TV commercial pulled off by Jio studios. “The entire campaign was conceptualised and executed in a short span of 9 days, with 8 cities to be travelled for the main ad shoot and 56 different edits to be done, it has been quite a ride for the entire team and it continues to be.” Said the head of Jio Studios, Aditya Bhat.

B008C011_180403_R6LP0 (1).jpg

Apart from the new version of Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan commercial, the play-along and the dhan dhana dhan live show, the campaign also includes four separate Jio advertisements again starring Deepika Padukone that are being executed by Bollywood’s renowned director Karan Johar.  These are expected to roll out soon.

Prior to IPL and ISL, the agency was known for breaking the internet with its viral digital content pieces like #11minutes, #dontlethergo, #khoonmeinhai which are all social cause videos with a quirky twist.


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