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Food Review – Ulta Tawa, Versova Rating – 4.5 Stars      


A Yummylicious Winner!!

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When MasterChef winner Ripudhaman Handa invites you exclusively for a food preview of his newly launched outlet ‘Ulta Tawa’ in Yaari Road, Versova…you are sure to feast on some nouveau creations. And the outcome is surely Yummylicous!


If you have to browse through the menu, you wouldn’t find any signature dishes. But rightfully said by Ripudhaman, “The butter chicken and the soya chaap masala have my signature style which will bring back memories of the yummy Delhi food you have always savoured and wanna keep trying.

A small outlet, Ulta Tawa has a limited seating of maximum 10 to 12 diners at one time. The focus is more on take-aways and home deliveries. True to his business acumen, Handa surely knows that the Bollywood zone in Andheri is always clamouring for staunch Punjabi flavours. This outlet is a sure shot winner.

What we ordered:

IMG_9687.JPGChicken Afghani – tender, creamy with a good dose of spices hitting your palate

IMG_9689.JPGAfghani Soya Chaap – the veg version surely tasted much better and had different flavours. Loved it more!

Butter Chicken Biryani – Pure quality, perfect seasoning. However, would have preferred an higher dose of the masaledaar gravy.

IMG_9701.JPGSoya Chaap Masala – Nothing to beat this. Make sure you ask the team for extra dollops of spice for that mind-blowing wow factor in the dish.

Chilli garlic roomali roti – A let-down, didn’t get any of the flavours that it promised.

IMG_9699.JPGButter chicken gravy – Pay through your nose but do ask for an extra helping. Pure magic, make it spicy…have it hot and you would forget all the other dishes on the menu.

Surely missed trying out the Tandoori chicken momos which apparently are a super-hit. If you wanna eat there, be prepared to be served in plastic containers. But when you are HIGH ON TASTE, how you get served or eat doesn’t matter.

Chef Ripudhaman Handa has a sure shot winner. Say Hello to ‘Soya Chaap masala’ and relish it before you get cheaper versions hitting the scene. Handa’s trademark cooking style can never be beaten. His smile may have melted you earlier, now he’s sure to get you hooked with his creations.

Hope to see your venture expand while you spread the flavours of India with your smile. Keep rocking Ripudhaman Handa!



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