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Food Review – Drinkery – Rating 4.5 stars

Drinkery 51, The European Restaurant & Bar celebrated its 1st anniversary with new food & bar menu launch which is curated by master chef Ajay Chopra & Bar tending wizard Pankaj Kamble at BKC corporate area of Mumbai with an exclusive party at the restaurant.


The ambience is amazing and spacious. The DJ plays some classy foot-stomping. The newly curated menu has some classical twists much in line with the current trends of fusion foods. Chef Ajay Chopra has done a good job.


What I really liked in the new starters menu was the mushroom creation, veg sprouts salad, Fish Malabar. There was so much available to taste that it became difficult to take notes of the names.

I sampled 3 different drinks and they was all unusual from what I have tried earlier. The desserts were definitely something to fall for. It was nice to see Satberr Singh mingling with the guests trying to get a feel from them about what they likes about the menu and the ambiance.

Heavily crowded since there was a Bollywood launch too, it’s best that I visit the place again and savour the new creations.



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