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Tipsy Gypsy New Lunch menu review– Rating 5 stars

By Aryeman

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I was forced to try out all the dishes in the New Lunch menu option. The reviews are listed below:


Rajma Chawal – Perfectly cooked with care, you get the original Dhaba ka rajma taste.

Pindi Chole with Kulcha – Dilli ka zaika at its best! Yummy to the core.

IMG_7830.JPGPaneer Tikka masala – The softest paneer you have ever had, with wholesome spices hitting your taste buds.

Murg Makhanwala – Your dream of having a less sweetened version of Butter Chicken ends here. You will be slurping on the gravy unconditionally!

IMG_7843.JPGStudent Biryani – This one should be a sell-out to the Youngistan crowds who can binge on it. The raita serving is out of the world too!

IMG_7860.JPGChicken Burger – A wholesome meal for the Bhookhad in you!. Rich and value for money!

IMG_7861.JPGPanini Sandwich – Different flavours, adds a good variety for a group of people!

#AryemanSaysSo Verdict – Chef Negi has definitely raised the standards when it comes to mind-blowing signature dishes. The recent menu has the rich flavours intact, yet have an unusual taste which has never been experienced before! Way to go Chef Negi!

Waiting for some new revolutionising dishes!








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