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Tipsy Gypsy New Cocktail drinks review – Rating 5 stars

By Aryeman

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Part of the preview food tasting session, I was a given a choice of the cocktail base which would interest me. What was also expected was rating your Dunken Quotient (how much Tipsy you get) and also give a fancy name for the drink.

Cocktail 1 – Dark Rum base

Ingredients – Dark rum, flavours of peach and apricot and some Ice tea.


Review – a drink which definitely gives you a kick. The unusual flavours blend with the headstrong rum base which gives u a feeling of having one more!

Cocktail 2 – Vodka base

Ingredients – Vodka, pink guava juice, red chillies.


Review – The tinge of red chillies leave an amazing soothing effect to your taste buds. The guava and vodka combo is a delight. A must try for the ladies too!

Cocktail 3 – Gin base

Ingredients – Gin, kiwi and pineapple flavours, chat masala, cumin powder, salt.


Review – Yummylicious and out-of-this world. A sure shot hit!

#AryemanSaysSo Verdict – Head Mixologist Nupur surely knows how to blend and mix the drinks to perfection. This ‘chota packet’ will be the Shining star of 2018 and if goes on the right track will make India proud!!

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