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Tipsy Gypsy Must-try New Lunch offer

Tipsy Gypsy opens the doors with some amazing lunch options!

By Aryeman

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When you know how to tickle the taste buds of Mumbai foodies, you have won the battle. In a short span, Tipsy Gypsy has managed to carve a niche for itself amongst the plethora of restro pubs that throng the Fun Republic Andheri vicinity.

IMG_7820.JPGWhat truly makes this eatery stand out is its signature dishes and amazing cocktails. It’s definitely an honour to be exclusively invited for a preview tasting of the new menu and the new cocktails concoctions which will be unleashed soon. Kudos to the dynamic team of Chef Negi and Head Mixologist Nupur for coming up with such an amazing package.

Why the new Tipsy Gypsy offer is a must try?

  1. For Rs. 299.00 plus taxes, the lunch options are a steal.
  2. The variety and options to choose from is outstanding.
  3. You get the authentic unmatched flavours you have been yearning for.
  4. The ambience is uncluttered and a perfect outing with friends.
  5. They have some amazing packages for kitty party groups too.

#AryemanSaysSo strongly recommends one visit to Tipsy Gypsy during lunch hours.

Do read the food reviews in a separate post.

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