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Review – Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, Chembur Rating 5 Stars


Rejuvenating, Relaxing and out-of-this-world!

By Aryeman


This was my second visit to this quaint place located in Chembur east. One fine day, I got a call from Dr. Shiney that I had won the 25th lucky customer raffle for a massage sitting at their centre. I was more than thrilled since my earlier experience was an amazing one.


The Abhyangam massage is one of the best things you should always opt for in 2018. Please add this to your to-do wish-list for sure. The entire therapy lasts for an hour with two trained masseurs (Sharad and Akhil) vigorously massaging every part of your body. There is a wholesome usage of rich and thick oil which makes the massage movements more enjoyable. The plus point is that these masseurs put their heart and soul into their ritual. At no point will you feel that your body is not getting its due.

IMG-20180109-WA0005.jpgWhat makes Kairali a super-hit, blockbuster experience is the products they use, the professional approach and obviously the essence of continuing with the Indian heritage of Ayurveda. Post the body massage you are encouraged to use a steam bath session in a wooden box. The closed enclosure actually ensures that the steam hits all the pores in your body. Post this you can take a hot or cold shower. You will be amazed when you use the Kairali specialised soaps, shampoos and body scrubs.

Not only will your skin be shinning, your body feel rejuvenated but it’s almost like a detoxification for your body too.

You can also pick up some exclusive Kairali products or have a consultation for various treatments with the knowledgeable and competent Dr. Shiney. I couldn’t help but notice that her clients who had come were picking up loads of Kairali Ayurveda products for their hair, skin and more. There were also customers who were booked post me for the massage packages (maximum 6 months completion) they had availed for.

Thank you Kairali and Dr. Shiney for the memorable experience!!

Your masseurs Sharad and Akhil deserve a pat on their back!




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