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Riya Deepsi fourth time lucky with Swastik 

Actress Riya Deepsi is someone who has been quite lucky with well known production house Swastik Productions. The young actor is actually working for the fourth time with Siddharth Kumar Tewary. Riya worked in shows like Mahabharat, Begusarai, Razia Sultan and now Riya is working in Porus as Barsine. Speaking on her character Riya says,”I am playing the role of Barsine, the daughter of King Darius played by actor Praneet Bhat. This is my second time with Praneet before this we have played brother-sister (Gandhari-Shakuni) in Mahabharat and now we are playing father and daughter. Audience will get to see a great equation between us.” When asked about Siddharth Kumar Tewary Riya adds,”He is a person who has immense knowledge on television, he is a through professional man and knows his job so well. I often seek advice for him. And when an offer from him came to me directly I knew this is going to be big.” Riya is a parallel lead in the show and sports a new look for her character. Riya adds,”The costume designer of Porus Ketki mam knows her work so well. The costume which I have been given is not revealing but sensuous at the same time. And also jewellery which am using is so pretty people will fall in love with it immediatel

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