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Nazim spent his birthday with close friends in Chandigarh 

Actor Mohammad Nazim celebrated his birthday on the first day of the new year in Chandigarh with his close pals. When asked Nazim says,”This year I was in Chandigarh to usher in my birthday with my close buddies. Travelling is always fun when you have your closest buddy. Winter is always good in Punjab. Good food always goes well in winter. Though I could not cheat as am very particular with my fitness, I just had my birthday chocolate cake.” Nazim also adds,”This year the birthday plan was spontaneous but next year I have planned already I will spend time with kids in an orphanage and senior citizens in an old age home. If I can contribute anyway to the society why not.”
Nazim is now going to his hometown Malerkotla where he will stay with his family for few days. “Yes I will be in my hometown for few days, it is always good to have your family around you. And also I will join the Desi Akhara there as I believe that is  an ideal place for someone like me who consider fitness his first priority. I am happy and excited that I will be joining the Akhara soon.” Nazim is gearing up for his next show where he will be playing a wrestler. Nazim is famous for his obsession for fitness. He adds, “Fitness is a way of life for me. I will go to any extent to accommodate fitness in my routine. I want everyone to take fitness seriously be it actor or a non actor. Healthy body and mind are a must for everyone. I even want to open a gym in my hometown one day”

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