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~The Red Panda Winter Carnival 2018 plays host to the official felicitation

Window to the Himalayas, the Heavenly State of India, Sikkim, every year eagerly awaits its most prestigious event, ‘The Red Panda Winter Carnival’. And while the State has already been converted into a winter wonderland, the festival transformed into something extraordinarily on the 8th January as they honored the first Brand Ambassador of Sikkim – A.R. Rahman!

This association was announced at the carnival, the most appropriate time of the season, promoting everything that the State stands for. The festival primarily aims at increasing the flow of tourists and promoting the state’s economy, their rich culture, opulent cuisine, and tourism with their naturally blessed landscapes that are visually enthralling for the tourist and the aesthete both.

Having been chosen as the face of the State, A.R.Rahman, commented, “As Helen Keller rightly said – The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. I feel this was said for Sikkim and Sikkim only. The beauty of Sikkim doesn’t only lie in its hills and valleys but in its feelings and culture as well. I’m highly impressed by the State’s development and mesmerizing culture. I’m honored to be the face of this beautiful State.”

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