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Bollywood director Prem Soni hits the bull’s eye with THE RIVERSIDE ROSE

By Aryeman

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks. Bollywood film director Prem Soni has done the insurmountable task of fulfilling his dream passion of being a foodie and ultimately launching a high-end, phenomenal marvel.


The Riverside Rose has done a soft launch just two blocks before Hotel Sea Princess Juhu, Mumbai. This flagship café offers premium coffee, green teas, superlative Italian and World cuisine and of course some sinful desserts. Prem Soni has hit the bulls’ eye with this ‘Ultimate Jewel In the Crown’ and a hard kick to all those coffee shops which serve mindless concoctions. The Riverside Rose is a classy breed apart from the herd. It’s one place that will create tremors and inculcate the trend of fine dining along with a cuppa coffee or a dessert.


The ambiance is soothing, serene, holistic and world class. Apparently Prem has taken great pains to look into not just designing the feel of the café but also curated the menu which he has picked nuances from his international trips. What appeals the most about this café, is the passion, perfection and pure delight one gets after experiencing a trip to this place.

Am definitely going back to feast on all the other savouries and multitude of choices they have on the menu.

As a parting note, this venture is definitely Prem’s way of saying, ‘Tum dil ki dhadkan mein…’…..Waiting for you to make another successful blockbuster with the sequel to the superhit Bollywood film Dhadkan.

Bro, you definitely have started 2018 with a bang!!



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