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An open letter to Adhyayan Suman

Is his latest album ‘Saareyan Nu Chaddeya’ the beginning of a new era as a Rockstar?

By Aryeman


Dear Adhyayan,

Truly MAGICAL, that’s what I proclaimed loud n clear at the launch of your new single ‘Saareyan Nu Chaddeya’. Honestly, I meant every word of it. There’s that extra sizzle in your voice that stands out from the usual mushy song singers. The number was truly pulsating, peppy and the overall charisma was the pathos that lies with your voice.


Obviously also loved the hard-core symbolism of the wordings. It’s commendable as a singer, that the lyrics actually symbolise your transitions, tribulations and travails in your previous endeavours. Your choice to let bygones be bygones could never have been a fantastic way to shine n shimmer in 2017.


I couldn’t help but notice the passion with which you went through rehearsals (before the final take), the hot glasses of water that you sipped on to clear your throat and the raw emotions that seeped into your eyes while you performed.

I must say, “Adhyayan, you have finally got your calling”. Am sure this will lead to bigger things, greener pastures and unimagined glory.  I could see the glee moments in your Dad’s eyes while he saw you perform. The masterful orator (besides being a fine actor) that he is, Shekhar has always been your friend, philosopher, guide and father later.

Hats off to you for making your parents proud!

You have a rocking season up your anvil, it’s the birth of a new Rockstar!!

The journey has just begun.



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