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Short film – Test Drive

TEST DRIVE is the story of a struggling theatre actor, Shantanu Srivastava (Ashutosh Rana), who wants to create a niche for himself in films, but believes in his own definition of success. Director Sameer Chand, who is also the story, screenplay and dialogue writer, shot the film in three days in seven locations!

A dream-come-true film for director Sameer Chand, the short film looks and feels like a feature film. TEST DRIVE is a must watch poignant and hard hitting film that holds you till the end. The audition sequence in the film will touch a cord in all those striving for a break in films. This powerful sequence deserves an ovation, with   Ashutosh Rana’s flawless & brilliant performance.

Sameer Chand’s TEST DRIVE short film, released on YouTube recently, with over 2 million views across Face Book & YouTube, in just 6 days and is getting great reviews from all sections.

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