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Short Film Review – Chhuri – Rating 4 stars

By Aryeman

There are bound to be comparisons and expectations linked to Tisca Chopra’s previous short film Chutney, but Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short films latest offering Chhuri is a pleasant one to watch.

Mansi Jain, this petite young girl who has written and directed the film did have her share of hiccups while casting for the main lead in the film. A little birdie did confess that ‘most male actors are not so interested in projects wherein they have to play second fiddle to the story’s main protoganist. For someone who has learnt film-making from Columbia University, Mansi definitely has done a good and almost perfect job as a director and writer.


Having chosen a much done-to-death topic, Mansi adds a new dimension of seeking revenge on a cheating husband. Short scenes, quick establishment of characters, perfect mannerisms from the established actors and of course having a brilliant yet subtle ending leaves a smile on your face.

While speaking to #AryemanSaysSo, Mansi did agree that Tisca Chopra’s earlier venture Chutney had a different treatment compared to hers, the young lady agreed and said, “Chhuri is definitely my style of storytelling and direction. This is how I expect my films to be”.

When quizzed about her future plans, Mansi is all gung-ho about her next comedy Bollywood film. Apparently a big Bollywood actor has agreed to do the film and the announcements are expected in January 2018. Surely a sweet ending for Mansi, just like her film….she’s already has a winner on hand.

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