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Lasting impressions about The Bhookha Beirdo – Pali Hill, Bandra West

By Aryeman

I happened to read a Facebook post where my friend Chef Devansh had visited this place. There was something compelling not just about the concept but also the cuisine being served here that prompted me to visit the place.

Anurag Rane, the Beirdo owner, has been a martial artist and has toured various parts of the globe. He’s picked up some recipes which have been incorporated in the menu with his own personal touch. Around recipes from 8 countries are available for the foodies who would dare to try out something new. Of course, Anurag does give you a brief of what the recipe is all about so you know what to expect.

Lasting impressions about the place:


  • The first one for sure is the fighter-spirit in this young lad who has tried to carve a niche in the restaurant business with this ‘World cuisine’ culture. There are very few outlets that have offered such a variety on their menu. His crazy, creative ideas (listed below) surely make the outlet a rocking, stalked out affair in the near future.
  • It has a trademark made-to-order moustache shaped bread roll served with the soups
  • The menu cards are creatively handed out in international travel magazines
  • It offers discounts for guys with beards and girls with long hair
  • IMG_7344
  • The restaurant has a cosy feel and a perfect place to chill out with friends
  • It has board games to play, some best seller novels on the shelves
  • Curios and artefacts adorn the walls, giving out memories of your travel trails which you missed picking up
  • The meat and chicken served is of premium quality.

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