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Food Review Trench by the Chocolate Room Rating – 5 stars


TRENCH is next hot-spot for all the Mumbai Foodies – #AryemanSaysSo

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It’s quite an ecstatic moment when TRENCH by The Chocolate Room invited me for an exclusive pre-launch of their all New Sundae called The Midas Touch for 999 Rupees. The Sundae huge with ingredients like Mousse cream, Strawberries, Little hearts cookies, Freshly baked waffles, Pure chocolate truffle, Red velvet sponge, Golden balls, Golden edible chocolate spoon, Chocolate truffle ball, Caramel butterscotch ice cream, Chocolate chips, Vanilla sponge and Brownie bits.


The Midas Touch is definitely mystically magical, and is a sure-hot hit. It will surely give the other coffee shops a run for their money with its exquisite, truly delectable additions to a Sundae. For Rs. 999/-, it’s worth every penny. It’s the ultimate way to have some sweet moments with your gang of friends and scooping some memorable keepsake moments. It’s huge enough for a minimum of 4 pals to share.

The ice-cream used is of premium quality, the waffles, strawberries, brownie bits are sinfully bliss. The USP’s surely are the edible golden spoon, curated chocolates and the caramel and chocolate syringes that go with it. The outlet even has some amazing birthday sparklers which go well if you are celebrating your D-day at the place.

The ambiance is positive and enthralling.

The menu boasts of a humungous choice of everything a gang of friends would love to feast on. The staff is friendly, professional and all set to please you.

What I tried:

Hot chocolate – truly chocolacious!!


Pesto Panino – wanted to sample a bite and this one was just perfect. Make sure you ask for extra servings of the Salsa dip. It’s tangy and hits the flavours of your palate.

The Midas Touch – A revolution of sorts, mystically magical for all those who yearn to relive their childhood moments.

Officially, The Midas Touch will launch on 18th Dec 2017. But am sure you can convince the team to offer you one much before that.


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