While in Dubai, Chili’s used to be a favourite hangout place for us especially when the football matches were being screened. I have visited Chili’s in Bangalore earlier but had a not-so-good experience.

As a foodie, I always look for flavours and although Chili’s has its trademark flavours which may be fancied by most, it fails to appeal to me. On the cost factor too, I agree we are getting quality food at a premium price, but what’s life without some spice.

What I ordered:


Triple Dipper – This is good one to order if you are with your gang. It offers good variety.

  • Chicken Wings – Soft and nice
  • Boneless Chicken Wings – No flavours
  • Chicken Crisper – you can continue popping them one after the other.

Main Course:

  • Santa Fe quesadillas – Missed the spices, the stuffings were minimal and barely added value
  • Spicy Grilled Chicken Pasta – average
  • Cajun Spice Pasta – average


  • Molten Chocolate cake – must-have for sure
  • New Cheesecake – the ultimate

Server Lawrence was cordial and followed perfect service practises.