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Food review – The Frontier Post, Kamala Mills Lower Parel. Rating – 4.5 Stars


For the ultimate NAWABI foodie experience, a trip to The Frontier Post is a MUST!!

By Aryeman

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What I ordered and tasted with a bunch of Mumbai Foodies:


Chowk Ki Tikki – delightfully distinctive, just like your ‘naani’ made it.
Paneer Makhmali – it revives the much-forgotten texture and flavours of pure soft paneer, blended well with mouth-watering spices.
Murgh ki Shaami – soft n melting, you will forget the Galouti kebab
Chilly Garlic Chicken Tikka – tender n nice with the flavours lingering on.


Gosht Rizaala – it passed the acid test of slicing the ‘gosht’ with just a fork. That speaks volumes of the meat quality which has been cooked with a rich texture. Just the right balance of mild sweetness with a tinge of spice hitting your palate.
Murgh Lazeez – quite an apt name for the dish which will make you just relish the Nawabi experience to the ultimate flavour zone. The taste is so ‘lazeez’ that cannot be expressed in words.

Subz Tahedaar – A quintessential gourmet delight. An exotic, brilliance blend of two gravies that create an enticing rich flavour.
Dal Frontier – A standing ovation and a goodbye to all those restaurants who have been tom-tomming about their Dal Makhni. This one beats them all!
Indian Breads – didn’t try any since I was zapped with the food flavours.


Gulab Pankhudi Ki Phirnee
Gulab Pankhudi Ki Phirnee – The perfect blend, not too sweet yet enticing. A surely must-have on the menu.

All this coupled with excellent service and great ambiance made this visit truly a Nawabi one!


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