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Chef Vishal Chandnani – The Revivalist Chef, out to recreate history

He’s a Revivalist Chef, out to recreate history and some cuisine magic with the rich, cultural heritage of India. Bringing to the furore the treasured past with some brilliant culinary Awadhi flavours, Chef Vishal Chandnani (The Frontier Post, Kamala Mills Lower Parel) deserves accolades galore for his spirited effort of not biting the dust with the nouveau cuisine trends.

When I was invited for an exclusive, not-on-the-menu food tasting invitation, I hadn’t expected that I would have this magnanimous Nawabi experience. The ambiance is serene, almost serendipity-driven that adds on to the divine experience. Soft lilting music which doesn’t hurt your ears sooth your taste buds even more.

Being a critical killer / reviewer for spice, flavours and quality food, this wow experience will be etched out for a lifetime. I truly hope these new dishes are added on to the menu. Definitely I take great pride to be the first one to savour them before the other foodies who crave for that magical and divine food experience.

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