Amaryllis – An imprint of Manjul Publishing House in association with Mahindra Truck & Bus Division is delighted to announce the launch of its new book, Have a Safe Journey’, the world’s first collection of short stories on Road Safety.

In a panel discussion, with guest authors, Kiran Manral, Priyanka Sinha Jha and Rajeev Mallik from Mahindra many important points were touched upon regarding road safety. Priyanka shared his personal experience of road accident and how she was paralyzed for nearly a year. She advised people ‘khali khokat ghayi ghayi nahi karne ka’ (Don’t rush unnecessarily). Kiran tried to bring in the role of parents in ensuring their teenager’s safety by not letting them drive before the legal age. During the discussion Rajeev announced their next project which is collection of short stories by truck driver’s daughters which is again going to be published by Amaryllis. This discussion was moderated by Koral Dasgupta.

The event concluded with book readings by contributing authors Banrnali Ray Shukla, Roshan Radhakrishan and Roshni Chhabra.