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Book Review – Bombay Swastika – Rating 4 stars

When award-winning authors have found BOMBAY SWASTIKA as an interesting read, there’s no doubt that OM BOOKS has a winner on hand.

By Aryeman

When an author tells a story, convincingly, to the appropriate audience, the story succeeds.

Author Braham Singh real domain lies in the fact that he’s aware of the world of popular storytelling. With his book, he focuses on just the one narrative mode: the thriller. And he is good at it, offering action but not reflection. His story telling mode is sufficiently crammed with energy and urgency: from the very first pages.  And he never lets up on the pace.

Having chosen such a strong plot, with larger-than-life characters; Braham has managed to build-up of tension, retaining high energy and high urgency. For a debutant author, it’s a commendable feat to come out unscathed with a must-read.

Do order your copy from Om Books and get engrossed with this thriller!

About Braham Singh

As Chief Product Officer of a global telecommunications company, BRAHAM SINGH writes extensively on IT and telecommunications. Shifting gears, he now gives us Bombay Swastika, his first novel. He also wrote the screenplay for Emperor, a political thriller set in Malaysia and based around their May 1969 race riots. Emperor, the novel, is near completion. He recently began research on his third novel, The Little Eunuch, set in China.

He divides his time between Virginia and Hong Kong.


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