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Tried & Tested Review – Laser Body Hair removal @RSBWellness, Turner Road, Bandra Rating – 4.5 Stars


By Aryeman

The media is infiltrated with huge ads / hoardings from various beauty and wellness centres who are out to capitalise on the ‘Look beautiful’ boom. While I researched before I finally ventured into this treatment, I realized that most of them were pulling the wool over the consumers’ eyes.

One such known beauty centre even advertised such low rates which could tempt anyone to venture for their treatments. Their advertising was just a gimmick and what followed at the consultation were mere rip-off and outright cheat tactics.

WHAT MADE ME opt for RSB Wellness?

fb cover pic

The consultation was transparent, the procedures were explained in detail. The doubts cleared and an assurance for the best service and latest technological advancements spoken about.



It has been 4 weeks with one session and the effectiveness is visible. There has been minimal hair growth. Yes, you may have to go for additional sessions to ensure the laser has a longer lasting effect on your body.


The treatment is perfectly safe. There is no burning sensation, in fact it’s a cooling effect. Your skin does glow post the treatment and of course it’s a goodbye to shaving or waxing. In today’s metrosexual era, men (especially from the glamour world) are all resorting to such wellness advancements.


Radhika Gupta, Drashti Dhami, Dr. Yogesh Gupta, Soni Singh

The ambiance exudes a positivity that is serene. Radhika Gupta, CEO of RSB Wellness, assures you of the discretion factor. Ms. Kamal (the Wellness Manager) ensures the timelines are clearly demarcated with the right staff treating you. And of course, Dr. Akanksha Shah who effectively supervises the entire treatment and progress (since the full body treatment could not be completed in one session).

To sum it up, when you have a team you can trust and the offerings are the latest technologies, you surely need to try the Laser Body Hair removal…..ONLY FROM RSB WELLNESS! It is definitely Mumbai’s finest and superfluous ULTIMATE AESTHETIC DESTINATION!


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