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Who will win Bigg Boss 11? Read this to know the winners…

Here’s the inside news about the TOP 3 winners of Bigg Boss 11.

By Aryeman

Definitely, this season of Bigg Boss 11 has a good mix of contestants who surely know how to play the game right. Each one is masterminding their moves without resorting to cheap tactics, vulgarity or on-the-face rude behaviour. Many are aware that Salman Khan had put his foot down to the makers that he wouldn’t be tolerating any repeats which transpired in the last season.

While all keep debating on whether the Bigg Boss show is scripted or no, what one needs to be aware is that the winners are also almost decided well in advance depending on the slot they fit into. The online and SMS polls do rake in the moolah but yes, the danger zone nomination rounds and tasks are centred on the winners to make it look like a clean win.

Here’ a look at the TOP 3 winners whose images are currently being retransformed to give the show a boost.


Hina Khan


She has a massive fan-following from her previous Star Plus show. The fans are all out to support her. A smart cookie, Hina definitely is playing the game right with her clean image and yet resorting to subtle politics. Her constant cry-baby image has tagged the emotions of most audiences. Although she gets nominated in the danger zone, her fans pull her out of it.


Vikas Gupta


Smooth talker, smart player – Vikas knows all the moves. His real life trip from the low rungs of the glamour world to the high positions with channels, his godmother is all set to ensure he wins the title. Ekta Kapoor and Vikas share a friendship which goes years. She is ensuring that all the right votes go for him and he’s been trained with the research he did prior to entering the House. His initial tiffs with Shilpa Shinde were programmed to get the TRPs rolling. The Balaji Czarina is constantly on toes to set things right for Vikas while he is in the Bigg Boss house.

Hiten Tejwani


The audiences love someone who is positive, sorted and is devoid of all the drama in the house. A cool and sane chap, Hiten makes no efforts to play to the gallery nor does he get involved in dirty politics. He loves being teased by Arshi Khan and just speaks the minimum rather than raking up a new controversy. Another favourite of Ekta Kapoor, Hiten is surely a winner.

From internal sources, it is quite evident that the Channel heads are in a quandary since no commoner or Aam Aadmi contestant has the punch to hit the TOP 3 winners list. There could be a wild card which could enter soon.

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