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Is TV actor Piyush Sahdev being falsely implicated with rape?

By Aryeman

With due respect to Indian women and the judicial system of the country, the recent reports of TV actor Piyush Sahdev raise some pertinent questions about the glamour world. While it requires guts for a woman to ‘scream rape’ and expose the person concerned, this is not the first case which has come to light.

Earlier too, there have allegedly been aspiring female actors and models have bravely gone ahead and filed complaints of molestation, sexual abuse when promised career jumps or a marriage. Most such cases have fizzled out but the image tarnation of a successful actor has faced the brunt. Some cases also turned out to be ‘pure blackmail’ tactics before the expose. While some sources confirm that, “today the glamour world is always under the scanner. Some women even misuse the power of being a woman since our legal laws always favour the fairer sex in such circumstances. All said and done, is the victim actually so naïve to get into such promises of a career or a prospective marriage. What starts of as consensual sex is given the term as rape when things go sour”.

Some established Indian TV actors who spoke on strict secrecy claimed that the fan-following is so strong and bold that “some of these aspiring female actors are willing to step all limits to make a name. One has to be careful even before getting into a one-night stand with these girls.”

The purpose of this post is to highlight the other side of the coin, and of course there are many other reports which prove that the law is being misused by the fairer sex to their advantage.


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