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Casting and auditioning tips from Mukesh Chhabra – A must read for every aspiring actor!


Masterclass with Mukesh Chhabra on Characterisation and Casting for Cinema at IFFI Day 5

“I cast people according to the director’s brief. I wanted to help more people meet the right directors.

I was assisting on Rang De Basanti and was part of it as well. I audition 18,000 girls for Chak De. I auditioned Rajkummar Rao 23 times for Shahid. Sushant Singh Rajput auditioned for 40 days for Kai Po Che. I am now making a movie adaptation of Fault In Our Stars with Sushant.

I work on the smallest detail of every actor.  Attitude and character are important not the face of an actor.

I always find local talent because they are pure. If you are talented don’t come to Mumbai. Keep grooming yourself and we will come to you.

It took us 10 years to convince people about casting. People had a bad impression about casting due to the casting couch. There are fake people everywhere. It is important to check their backgrounds before you go for auditions.

Only your talent will take you further not contacts in the industry. I will work on an average actor if he fits the character.”

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